Traffic flow improved by surprise road-widening.


In a city-wide infrastructure project of massive proportions, many local roads were increased to two full lanes, allowing nearly double the amount of traffic passage as previously possible.

The bulk of the project was completed through a widespread rainfall event, reducing snowbanks and breaking up ice in many crucial areas. Seeing weakness in the existing barriers, many drivers pushed outwards to redefine the width of local streets and increase usable road surface throughout the area.

Prior to the project, most streets existed in a grey area between one and two lanes, with some being dangerously close to one, and others being nearly close enough to two to be able to temp drivers to test their fate. Most streets downtown had been resigned to a single passable lane, with parking on both sides crowding dangerously into traffic at crucial junctures.

Some of the wider boulevards, while already maintained to two lanes through strict attention, have had their sightline and noise barriers reduced or eliminated. While local drivers are relieved at the possibility of seeing oncoming traffic lanes before entering them, area residents are lamenting the additional noise and eyesore of the traffic which had been screened previously by the towering snowbanks.


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