Queens student shocked to discover area north of Princess st. “habitable”


A second year Queen’s University student has had her world turned upside down this morning, as she inadvertently found herself wandering through a Williamsville neighbourhood while searching for a coffee shop. Suddenly realizing she had strayed north of the traditional Princess street barrier, she was struck with awe to find that people lived and worked in the area.

“I honestly thought it was an inhuman wasteland,” she admitted, “I expected like, bomb craters or a garbage dump or something, maybe even a solid wall for safety. I had no idea that this area was actually so normal.”

Indeed many other students are of similar beliefs, maintaining that the area north of Princess is actually inhabited by bizarre post-apocalyptic gang lords, calling their homeland “NOP” and shunning those living in the greater campus region. But this student has broken through the barrier, and found that things are not so different on the other side.

“There are, like, parks here. Kids cross the street to go to school with a crossing guard… People walk their dogs and stuff.” The bewildered student outlined, “and it’s like, a two minute walk from downtown. How is this possible?”

While some believe the girl to be hysterical, and creating a fantasy because she is unable to parse the terrible things she witnessed, others think she may have stumbled onto something.

“What if they’re trying to keep us out?” Asked a friend after hearing her tale. “By convincing us that it’s a place of monsters and horror, they have managed to keep their neighbourhood all to themselves. They just keep telling the stories to maintain the legend and keep us scared.”

One resident, caught off guard by the intrusion, spoke on condition of anonymity about the truth to the rumours.

“uhhh, yeah… There’s umm.. there’s ghosts!” he recalled. “oooh, scary right? And when it’s dark, that’s when things get crazy. Holes open up and swallow pets and children. Monsters come around and check to make sure your doors are locked and your windows are barred. And, uhh…. oh yeah, there’s a curse! You can’t live here unless you can break the curse.” However, when pressed for answers, he could not give specifics as to the origins or requirements of the curse, or how to break it.

“It’s just, it’s a secret ok? It just means you can’t come live here. Or else!”


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