Local teen mistakes police presence in social media for actual friendship


Failing to understand the difference between a Facebook friend and a conspirator, a local troublemaker ran into legal trouble when he assumed a nearby officer was “cool.”

The officer, witnessing the youth in the acts of vandalism and public mischief, approached the subject requesting identification. The youngster, with a wide grin, exclaimed “heeeeeyyyy man, what’s happenin’ dog?” His right hand extended for a handshake or low five.

Confused, the officer asked what the young man was doing. The response of “just havin’ some fun, y’know? But we’re cool, right?” Was enough for him to request that he come to talk at the police cruiser parked nearby.

As conversation continued, the suspect began to get more and more confused as to why the officer was giving him a hard time. He cited himself as a longtime follower of the police twitter account, and a friend on Facebook, and believed that this should factor into the officer’s decisions relating to what he had seen.

“Why so harsh?” He asked at one point, “I liked every one of the photos you’ve posted and I retweet you all the time, I thought you guys were trying to be a part of the community.”

The officer, amused but bewildered, went through the process of citing the youth for vandalism by writing a ticket and assessing a fine.

The youth, incredulous, vowed that police would find retribution in the attitudes of others.

“See what happens to someone who narcs on their friends,” he pouted. “Good luck getting invited anywhere now. You’re gonna be defriended by like, everybody. I hope your twitter feed is choked with people spouting off, hashtag buzzkillfuzz.”


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