Taxi driver pretends he’s driving a bobsled, catches all lights on Johnson.


Caught up in Olympic fever, a local cab driver set a personal best for the downhill run earlier this week. Catching all the lights from Sir John A MacDonald boulevard to Ontario street was the culmination of years of driving. 

“It was just one of those magical runs where everything came together,” commented the driver, breathless while filling his gas tank. “I’m just so thankful for my team, my fellow cabbies, all the support from my family. It’s a great feeling.”

Conditions were ideal for a fast run, with clear skies and warm weather to ensure a fast track. When asked about what made the run so successful, the driver had surprisingly detailed analysis.

“I got off the lights with a clean start. That’s super important to having a good run. After that I was able to cruise through the top section pretty clean, and I knew I was in good shape coming into the corners where things get dicey.”

Indeed, pushing speeds of “as close to 40 as he could get” the driver was able to navigate tight turns and narrow lanes through the University Avenue and Bagot Street sections with veteran poise.

“Driving these every day, I guess I’ve been training for a run like this for years. In the back of your mind you will always piece together really good sections, imagining that one run where it all comes together. To be able to do it here, during the Olympics, is a pretty great feeling.”

The final stretch of three lights proved the most challenging of the day, coming off the tricky downhill right-hander at Bagot, the next light had nearly turned. Punching the gas, he managed to squeak through the tail end of the yellow, barely making it through but continuing on to catch the rest of the lights to the finish.

“That one was pretty tight.” he admits, “but you know what they say. No guts, no glory.”



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