Mayor considers retiring, pursuing comedy fulltime.


After almost 4 years in office, the mayor is considering making the move to comedy full time, following his true passion. Always aspiring to be a comedian, the mayor was diverted into the family business and lost sight of his dream of standup glory, which he now hopes to reclaim. 

The chuckle-inducing chops of the mayor are well known to those following council meetings. Often his worship will find just the right timing to inject a bit of humour into the otherwise dreary affairs which can stretch late into the evening. Twitter followers have even created the #mayorjokes tag in honour of his antics and many of his colleagues and constituents will be seen laughing heartily at his commentary.

But the politics of being mayor intrude on the lives of those who seek the office, and the comedic dreams of his youth have been squashed underneath the weight of civic office until now. Trailblazer Rob Ford showed that the office doesn’t have to be serious, and that comedy can be worked into the daily life of a civil servant. His work in the field shines as an example of what can truly be possible in an age of social media and rampant apathy for convention.

The last straw for our mayor was losing his comedic “straight man” who announced his disinclination to run for re-election this week. Often the best comedy is produced by two people feeding off each other’s energy, but now it is feared that this spark will be extinguished, and igniting it with another may not be worth the effort. Without the crutch of his accomplice to support his jovial barbs, the mayor must stand on his own and move forward.

Left to trade in his gavel and sash for a mic stand and barstool, the mayor faces an uphill battle. While not the most prestigious of careers, it is provided a certain authenticity when pursued by someone so passionate about their craft. Observational humour about holding public office may be a tough sell, but he hopes that he will be able to expand on some of the themes to universalize the message for the common man.

It remains to be seen how others will react to the move. However it can be assumed that however it turns out, the man following his dreams will always get the last laugh.


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