Citizens to be thrown into lake as offering to gods of winter.


Near a dark and unforgiving hole in the winter ice, a crowd gathers to watch the spectacle. Beaten down by an already overly long and harsh winter, the citizens of Kingston have decided that the only thing which can appease their angry gods is an offering of human flesh.

Happening near the end of their pagan winter festival, the townsfolk have found volunteers to give themselves over to a greater cause by being thrown into the frozen lake as an offering to the gods of the season. Those not taking the plunge have raised offerings of money or donations instead to sweeten the pot and make sure that the others are not sacrificed in vain.

Some locals were sullen, waiting in fear and silence to see their heroes cast adrift, while others are rowdy and raucous, enjoying the spectacle as a blood sport like so many ice-based activities.

Previous seasons’ efforts have led to warming trends which lasted months, and it is hoped that sacrifices from this year will bring similar tangible results by Easter.


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