Residents terrified as huge ball of flaming hydrogen lights up region.


Kingston residents were stunned today, shielding their eyes and squinting while an enormous hydrogen inferno raged in the sky.

While distant enough to avoid any heat damage, the light from the blaze illuminated the area with a brightness not known in recent memory. Those lucky enough to have sunglasses onhand were seen to put them on and take in the spectacle through tinted glass.

Others found that the new visibility brought to light the torment and suffering brought on by the preceding dimness. Residents were seen digging snow from their driveways and sidewalks in an attempt to make normally useless winter paths passable, if only for a brief period.

While it is believed that the hydrogen has been burning, and will continue to burn, for millions of years, some weather related winds should return the regions protective cloud cover in the near future, saving residents from premature tanning and undue warmth for the foreseeable future.


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